Previous military service? You may qualify for VA coverage even if you carry other insurance.

To determine your eligibility for VA healthcare benefits, which may cover the BiOM Ankle, you must meet the following requirments:

  1. You  have served at least 24 months of consecutive, active military duty.
  2. Your service separated under any condition other than ‘dishonorable’?

Learn more about enrollment for VA benefits at, by calling 1-877-222-VETS (8387) or by visiting your local VA health care facility.  Please note that you will be considered a new applicant and eligibility for enrollment will be based upon eligibility requirements in place at that time.  It is recommended that you gather and review all your discharge paperwork prior to beginning the application process.


If you meet requirement #2, but not #1:

Certain Veterans may be afforded enhanced eligibility status when applying and enrolling for VA benefits, even if they have not met the 24 month minimum duty requirements. Visit to learn more.


If you meet requirement #1, but not #2:

You are not eligible for benefits under the VA healthcare system.