The only prosthesis with powered propulsion has been redesigned for you

BionX is committed to offering bionic solutions that restore normalized function and quality of life for people with amputations. More than 1,400 people have experienced the power of BionX’s prostheses.

The emPOWER Advantage

The emPOWER Ankle is for people with above or below the knee amputations who are low to moderately active and want to maintain an active lifestyle. The emPOWER Ankle is designed to keep you active all day, every day.


  • Replaces the function & power of lost muscles & tendons.
  • Gives you net positive energy instead of taking it away – even up ramps, hills & stairs.


  • Life-like ankle movement that normalizes your walking gait.
  • Significantly reduces joint forces to help alleviate pain and the potential for osteoarthritis.


  • Adjusts ankle power, resistance and flexion in real-time.
  • Centers your balance for confidence across any surface.


emPOWER is still the only prosthesis that offers you:

  • Increased energy for faster walking with less fatigue and easier climbing of ramps, hills and stairs speed1,2,3
  • Normalized walking gait to reduce joint forces that lead to pain and the potential for osteoarthritis1,2
  • Real-time control of full ankle movement for improved safety and stability across any surface

Only emPOWER continues to offer this combination of POWER, CONTROL and STABILITY.

Have more freedom in your life without thinking about your mobility



Conventional prostheses require considerable energy for everyday activities which leaves many people feeling tired and unable to keep up throughout their day. Less mobility leads to less exercise, weight gain and associated health issues.

Conventional prostheses cause an unnatural walking gait which leads to joint pain, joint degradation and eventually osteoarthritis.1 This causes many people to miss out on important time with family and friends.

Variable terrain, ramps, hills and stairs are a challenge for people with prostheses. Balance can be awkward which leaves many people feeling unstable and unsafe.

If you’re concerned about your first prosthesis or have experienced issues like these with your existing prosthesis then it’s time to consider the emPOWER Ankle. Have more freedom in your life without thinking about your mobility.

The emPOWER Ankle is covered by a number of providers including Workers Compensation, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor, Vocational Rehabilitation, Auto Insurers. At this time, the emPOWER Ankle is not covered by Medicare. To learn whether your insurance covers the emPOWER Ankle, please speak with your provider or contact BionX.

If you have ever served 24 months of consecutive active duty in the U.S. military, you may be eligible for prosthetic device coverage through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs – even if you currently use private insurance for the majority of your healthcare needs.

To determine your VA eligibility, click here:

BionX understands that reimbursement can be time-consuming and complex. This is why BionX provides reimbursement support to ensure that your provider can submit your claim as quickly as possible.


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