The Only Prosthesis with Powered Propulsion Has Been Redesigned for You

More than 1,400 people have experienced the power of BionX’s prostheses.

Walk Farther and Faster

Increased energy for faster walking with less fatigue and easier climbing of ramps, hills and stairs.

Reduce Joint Forces

Normalized walking gait to reduce joint forces that lead to pain and the potential for osteoarthritis.

Feel Confident on Any Surface

Real-time control of full ankle movement for improved safety and stability across any surface.

Insurance Coverage
The emPOWER Ankle is covered by a number of providers including Workers Compensation, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, TRICARE, the Department of Labor, Vocational Rehabilitation and Auto Insurers. At this time, the emPOWER Ankle is not covered by Medicare. To learn whether your insurance covers the emPOWER Ankle please speak with your provider.

Previous military service? You may qualify for VA coverage even if you carry other insurance.

Find out if you’re eligible


SoldierStrong helps American patriots literally take their new steps forward. Through educational scholarships and by harnessing the most innovative technology in advanced rehabilitation, we help our returning service men and women to continue moving in the only direction they should know – forward.

“emPOWER not only eliminates my pain but also
feels like I have my legs back”

—Dylan, 32, Nevada

“emPOWER gives me energy instead of taking it
away from me. Staying active all day long has
never been easier, especially at my age”

—Larry, 67, Florida

Indications for Use

The device is intended to replace a missing foot and ankle. The emPOWER Ankle is to be used exclusively for fitting of lower extremity amputations as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

The emPOWER Ankle does not work for everyone and individual results may vary. The most common complications are complete battery discharge which may reduce walking distance and speed, improper tuning or improper walking up and down stairs which increases the risk of falls.